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Today’s business landscape is dominated by social media. Almost everyone has a social media presence, from individual users to business owners. However, managing multiple social media platforms can be challenging and time consuming. To accomplish this, every business needs an effective social media strategy . DIGI Brooks is a leading social media marketing agency that specializes in expanding businesses through social media. We offer comprehensive social media advertising services that can help you reach your goals, whether you are enhancing the social media presence of your business or driving targeted leads through social media. By combining our social media marketing and management skills, we will create a social media strategy specifically tailored to your business to help you achieve your digital marketing goals.

What do you
need for Social Media advertising?

In order for any company to be able to create a social media presence on any social media platform, there are several requirements they must meet.


Reach an audience of more than one billion with our social media advertising management services for Facebook, the world’s biggest social media network. Facebook advertising can help your business increase its online following, brand awareness, and lead generation and revenue-driving efforts in the world’s largest social network. By using advanced targeting, we can pinpoint prospects based on jobs, industries, interests, demographics and other factors. Our social media marketing experts team conducts extensive audience research and competitive analysis to identify the best starting point for your advertising — messaging and offers that leverage your strengths and take advantage of weaknesses among your competitors.



Are you considering advertising on Instagram? If so, Best Social Media Marketing Company is here for your help! Our Instagram marketing experts can help you create a strategy that will give you a competitive edge in Instagram advertising. We provide you with transparency and continual support during your social media advertising journey. Best of all, we stay up to date with the latest industry updates, algorithm changes, and best practices to drive your business forward and deliver the best results possible.


The LinkedIn advertising platform is very sophisticated in terms of defining targets based on job titles, industries, company names, page associations, and other highly relevant factors.

Our social media marketing agency conducts in-depth audience research and competitive research before determining the best approach and execution tactics for your campaign

  1. Our team will assist you in determining the best ad targeting and testing various ad formats to identify the ads that will resonate the most with your specific audiences.
  2. Our team considering key performance indicators including impressions, clicks, click-through-rate, cost per click, lead form opens, InMail opens, and more.

We specialize mainly in these platforms due to their popularity among consumers today. Despite the availability of many social media platforms, such as Snapchat, we find Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn offer the greatest value to our clients.
We, however, work with our social media specialists to assess your industry, audience, and goals and recommend the best platforms for your strategy.

Social Media FAQS

ASocial media marketing is important for marketing strategies for many reasons – 

  • Strengthen your brand
  • Increases your traffic sources
  • Extends your reach
  • Helps your customer service
A Social media marketing is a part of digital marketing.Social media marketing focuses on marketing via social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, whereas digital marketing focuses on marketing via different channels, like search, social, email, and paid.

DIGI Brooks is a trusted choice for businesses seeking social media marketing services. A truly unparalleled client experience and unmatched results are part of everything we do, from our competitive campaigns to our industry-leading technology.